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General Guidelines on Installing
A New Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

by Ralph Davis,

Materials list:

drill with drill bits
standard socket set
1/2" open wrench
flat-head screwdriver
measuring tape
garage door opener kit

  1. Assemble the tube that extends from the power unit to the door. Attach the pulley to the front of the tube assembly. Then install the traveler, which slides back and forth along the tube and opens the door.
  2. Insert the rear of the tube into the power unit.
  3. Slip the master link studs through the end of the chain and the slot in the traveler. Insert the top link, and secure the connection with a retaining clip.
  4. Loop the chain around the sprocket on the power unit.
  5. Use another master link to attach the other end of the chain to the adjusting bolt for the door. Attach the locking nut and the chain adjuster.
  6. Pull the cable through the pulley, and attach it to the traveler with a master link.
  7. Attach the header bracket above the garage door with lag screws.
  8. With the help of a friend supporting the power unit, attach the tube assembly to the header bracket using a pin and locking clips.
  9. Use lag bolts to attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling. Be sure to screw the lag bolts into ceiling joists.
  10. Use nuts and bolts to attach angle iron supports to the mounting bracket. Bolt the power unit to the supports so that the tube is 4" above the door.
  11. Assemble the extension pieces that link the traveler to the door, and attach the appropriate end to the traveler.
  12. Align the travel arm at the door, which should already be reinforced with angle iron, and secure it with a shoulder bolt.
  13. Mount the beam sensor brackets 5" above the floor, and attach the beam sensors. Wire the beam sensors according to the manufacturer's instructions.

* If the beam sensors detect any obstructions as the door is closing, the door will reverse direction.

  1. Attach wiring from existing wall-mounted garage door switches to the power unit.
  2. Plug in and test the unit. Test the beam sensors by placing an obstruction in front of them as the garage door closes.