Door springs & Door Hardware

  • Do not operate garage door automatically or manually if springs are broken. Contact a professional for service.
  • Oil door rollers, bearings, and hinges monthly. Use a silicone lubricant or light oil.

Door Balance.

  • Close door
  • Release carriage from drive system. – Pull down on Emergency release knob.
  • Raise door manually approximately 3 feet. Door should stay in that position. If door moves, have door serviced by a professional.
  • Close door. Engage carriage to drive system. – Push up on carriage emergency release lever.

Contact Reverse

  • Place a 2″ x 4″ board flat on the floor in the center of the garage doorway.
  • Close door by using the wall button or transmitter
  • If door fails to reverse on contact with the 2 x 4 see the CONTACT REVERSE section in your owners manual.

Safe-T-beam system


  • Check your owner’s manual for suggested maintenance procedures for your specific model unit.