Now featured on all Genie garage door opener systems.  Intellicode prevents unauthorized access to your garage because the opener does not respond to the same Access Code more than once.  Each time the system is activated, it automatically selects a new Access Code from 4.3 billion combinations.

Why do I need Intellicode?

All Genie garage door openers manufactured since 1996 are equipped with Intellicode Access Security.  This rolling code technology:

  • Prevents thieves from entering the garage by eliminating Access Code duplication.
  • Eliminates the need to set Security Codes when installed.  Each transmitter is present with one of 16.8 million initial codes.
  • Automatically changes Access Code each time transmitter is activated.  Each new code is selected from 4.3 billion combinations.
  • Prohibits opener from responding to the same Access Code more than once.
  • Recognizes Security Codes from up to seven transmitters used to activate the same opener.