Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode Universal Conversion Kit Double Set GIRU-2T


Genie Garage Door Opener Universal Conversion Kit GIRU-2T

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Video ClipsHow-to-Program Remotes and Openers

Convert old garage door openers to the new Intellicode code rotating technology for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire system

Universal, this item will operate ANY garage door opener

Upgrade to the newest Intellicode technology for maximum security, made specifically for older out dated machines, easy do-it-yourself installation

Works immediately with openers that have a 3-wire connection and 24 volts. 2-wire/24 volt openers require a separate transformer (sold separately). Also works with older 29/34 volt openers as long as the transformer is used to power the receiver.

Recognizes Security Codes from up to seven transmitters used to activate the same opener.

Comes complete with 1 Intellicode receiver, 2 Intellicode transmitters, full manufacturer warranty and easy to follow installation instructions

Transformer not included.

These upgrade kits are also available with one transmitter and three transmitters packages.