Genie GIC-1 Garage Door Opener 1-button Intellicode Remote (GIT-1/ACSCTG Type 1)

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Genie GIC-1/GIT-1 Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter Intellicode or Overhead Door Code-Dodger (ACSCTG Type 1)

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  • 1 button remote control transmitter for Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door Code-Dodger garage door openers
  • 390 MHZ Frequency with Code “rotating” technology for extra security, compatible with ALL Intellicode and Code-Dodger systems from 1995 to current.
  • Single channel transmitter, will operate 1 garage door opener or gate opener
  • Your Intellicode or Code-Dodger receiver will recognize Security Codes from up to seven transmitters used to activate the same opener.
  • 3 volt lithium battery and visor clip included – Same as model GIT90-1 and ACSCTG or ACSGT Type I
  • Also compatible with Genie GIC-2, GIC-3, and GMI-3BL