Genie GIWC-BX Intelligent Wall Console


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  • Can program to include service reminders & contact info for Professional Dealer
  • Operates up to 3 openers through separate network adapters
  • Monitors performance & provides status of garage door & opener
  • Backlit LCD touch screen for easy access to program & retrieve information
  • Includes Sure-Lock™ security control to disable remotes & keypad for peace-of-mind at night or while on vacation
  • Program remotes through Intelligent Wall Console
  • Part #: 37346R

NOTE: Each opener that you wish to operate must be equipped with a Network Adapter in order to receive signals from the Intelligent Wall Console. In order to use the Intelligent Wall Console and Network Adapter equipment, your opener’s powerhead must have a Serial Number in which the first two numbers are 10 or higher and a Network Adapter. If you opener does not meet these criteria, you cannot use the Intelligent Wall Console.