Genie IntelliG 1000 3/4 HP+ Belt Drive Residential Garage Door Opener (7 ft rail included)


Genie IntelliG1000 3/4 HP+ Belt Drive Residential Garage Door Opener (7 ft rail included)

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The Genie IntelliG™ 1000 provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants quiet performance with superior design and conveniences that fit their busy lifestyle.

  • Power: ¾ HPc* motor provides power to operate almost any residential garage door. Please see your Genie® Professional Dealer for information on choosing the opener that is right for your door.
  • Quiet operation: The DC motor allows for quiet, smooth operation and soft start and soft stop.
  • Faster installation: Pre-assembled rail is ready to install. The lightweight power head allows for one person installation. We recommend installation by a professional dealer.
  • Two-Bulb Lighting System: Two 100 Watt bulb lighting system provides added convenience and safety.
  • SmartSet™ programming: Push button programming makes set up fast and easy.
  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency: System will automatically seek either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by a remote, helping to ensure the opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference.
  • GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology: Delivers the power needed at every movement of the garage door and continuously monitors the operation of the door, stopping operation when significant changes occur. GenieSense™ minimizes noise, wear and tear on the door, and improves overall safety.
  • Safety: Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam® system meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations, and incorporates an auto reversing system and diagnostics.
  • Security: Genie® Intellicode® 2 technology, a new generation of superior encryption, prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it.