Lubriplate Aero LBR-ST Gate or Garage Door Opener Lubricant – 1.75 oz. Tube


Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease for Gate or Garage Door Openers LBR-ST

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LUBRIPLATE Aero is a neutral lithium base lubricant, manufactured with a light viscosity mineral oil that remains plastic down to -70°F, has an ASTM Dropping Point of over 350°F and is an NLGI No. 1 consistency. Lubriplate Aero is the recommended grease for your garage door openers.

Lubrplate LBR-ST Product Data Sheet

Lubrplate LBR-ST Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Don’t forget to lube your garage door and opener for quieter operation
  • Multi-purpose, extreme pressure, water repellent grease
  • Prevents wear and corrosion, super lubrication
  • Ideal for pressure fittings, wheel bearings, garage door opener hardware
  • For chains, cables, rusty nuts and bolts… perfect for general lubrication
  • 1-3/4 Ounce size tube
  • Manufacturer part number 11386

    LUBRIPLATE LBR-ST is recommended for a large variety of applications:

  • Trailer landing gear cases
  • Speedometers, odometers and techometers</li
  • Parking meters — Change boxes
  • Instruments — Gaming machines
  • Garage and door opening mechanisms
  • Cables of various types
  • Steering columns and gear cases
  • TV antenna gear boxes
  • O-Ring and seal lubrication
  • Railway switch and signal equipment


  • Low torque start-up capability
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant
  • Long lasting film strength over a wide temperature range
  • Outstanding aniline point of base oil offers excellent compatibility with exotic metals, plastics and rubber materials
Type of Base Lithium
Worked Penetration @ 77°F 310 to 340
NLGI No. 1
Mineral Oil Viscosity
SUS @ 100°F
cSt @ 40°C
Aniline Point 205+
ASTM Dropping Point 350°F/177°C
Norma Hoffman Oxidation Bomb Less than 5 psi/1000 Hours
Color Off White